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Good shoes take you to good places

Given that I am so interested in travelling, I thought I might use this page to have a permanent record of all the countries I have visited (so far!) To this day, I have been to just 5% of the worlds countries, something I will absolutely be looking at boosting over the years to come. I am only 18, and now I can start travelling independently. Not that I can afford to do that. Whatever, cost problems aside, I WILL see more of the world when I am in college!

amCharts (2)One day, there will be no grey left – hopefully.

I made a second map too, of America because I think it’s cheating that you just tick one box and such a big country is all selected. I have visited 20% of the states in the USA, despite having only been there once with my best friend and her family. Fingers crossed I get a great J1 job and I can see the rest (probably with her, too!)


I will update this page as I see the world!

To read some of the posts I have written about travelling already, have a look at my page Travelling Diaries in the menu! The posts are few and far between, but like I said, I’m working to change that!

Love you all!

xo, Cybi


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