The Bitch Is Back

Hello my pretty summer flowers, it has been so long! Firstly I would like to once more apologies for an unjust and lengthy absence, but for real, 2016 has been kicking my ass. I spend my days working, stress eating and sleeping. And also, somehow I am working not one, but two jobs, and am broke. Isn’t life the shit?


So, Cybi Update No. 1 has got the be that I have a fringe again! And my hair is black now! I’m not saying that I only cut it to hide a GIGANTIC spot that magically appeared on my forehead one day, but the timing to the two appearing did coincide remarkably well… Any way, I’m adorable, as I keep reminding everyone with barricades of shameless selfies. As I am about to do now…

As you can see, I’m cute AF. The way I’m looking at it, 2016 can make me miserable, but it can’t make me ugly.

Swerving back to the job I mentioned earlier, I realize that I mentioned going for an interview in one of my last posts, and that was the last of it… well, I am now a Hostess in a McDonalds. I know what you’re thinking.

‘Someone is paying me to be nice to people?’

There was no-one more shocked than I was when they hired me, but they did, and I’m so happy about that because it is hands down the best place I have ever worked. The customers might be bat-shit crazy at the best of times, and a lot of them might have the weirdest habit of handing me half eaten burgers, but between the absolutely fabulous crew and the paychecks, I am so in love with my job! So at least there’s that.

Working all the time, you would think that I’m loaded, right? I thought that too… Oh, how I was wrong. Because I have little, to no self control, I seem to be completely unable to budget my wages. Not only that but I have this terrible habit of buying lots of crap that I don’t really need (three pairs of the same Public Desire boots in different colours, anyone?)


All thanks to my utter lack of financial savvy, I spend every second Thursday and the following weekend like this:


And the rest of the week and a half in between more like this:


I’m currently on the downswing of a broke period. I get paid this Thursday, and this morning, I had €5. I’m not saying I spent my last fiver on a cappuccino, but I did have a cappuccino this morning, too. You see, I have a problem. I think I need an accountant. Or maybe just someone to cut up my debit card, cos I’m sure as shit not doing it.

Every second weekend, though, well that’s party time! If I’m a lucky duck and my weekly day off happens to fall on a Sunday, then on Saturday, we party.


See actual footage of my and Sinead in the pub:b4188f4a017129b6143eb9de2b61d5ce

Proceed to downing far too many Jagerbombs in a very short amount of time, and floating around the pub like a drunk fairy for the rest of the night, until it’s time to spin home and eat enough Burger King to feed a village.

So far, this whole ‘becoming an adult’ thing has been pretty crap. Just the other day, I was thinking to myself, “God, I’d love to just curl up and watch Netflix non-stop for a week straight with a ton of popcorn and stuff with cheese melted on it.” It was a nice thought, until I realized that I’m literally never going to be able to do that again.

What was once my favourite hobby is now nothing but a found memory I can recall when I’ve been cleaning tables and emptying bins for 6 hours straight. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Responsibility sucks.


And I don’t even really have any responsibilities yet! Realistically, if the mood so took me, there is nothing (except for a lack funds) stopping me from upping and moving to Australia or Canada or somewhere cool. But what about when I have a real job, and a dog and a mortgage? I already pay taxes, for Gods sake, isn’t that enough?! I’m not even 20 yet, and I’m already terrified of being really old. I mean, can you imagine being 40?


Okay my pretties, I’m signing off for what I promise will not be a long time!

stay classy,

xo, Cybi

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