Bye Bye Braces

(I tried to dig up as many bad teeth photos as I could but they’re from so long ago that the quality on most of them is shit, I’m sorry!)

I have been waiting for this sweet release for the last 6 years. When I was 13, I got a huge metal chunk put in the back of my mouth to stretch my palette, and since then up until last month, the amount of metal in my mouth has only grown. All of my dental problems stemmed from my not losing my baby teeth, which led to sever overcrowding and my teeth basically doing whatever they felt like. In the end, I had to have 13 teeth removed before I even got my braces. At the time, I sold them to my brother for €2 per tooth.


Circa 2013, you can see Bob sticking out the back of the rest of my teeth. He has since returned to his assigned seat.

I had my braces for the best part of 5 years, and if you think being a teenage girl is bad, being a teenager with braces is worse. Not only did I have to worry about cramps and PMS, I now had aching gums and swollen cheeks to add to that list. And God forbid if they fell on the same week! I basically spent the last half decade in a bad mood.


Circa 2014, when I first learned how to take a selfie. Also the first time I braved lipstick.

One thing that I really want to thank younger me for is that I didn’t get those ridiculous coloured bands on my braces. When I first got the option, I said no because I couldn’t pick any one colour, but when I turned 17 and 18, and my braces were still there, I could only thank God that they weren’t wrapped in blue plastic too.

I distinctly remember being younger and not thinking my teeth were too bad. Like, that was a conscious thought that I had. When you see the before and after picture, you’ll get why I really shouldn’t have been thinking that. At my worst, I had two teeth on my upper gum actually growing 1cm behind the rest, on the roof of my mouth. The bottom ones were close to going the same way, and I got the nickname Sharky from my ridiculous rows of teeth. That being said, though, I was never ashamed of my braces as you can clearly see from every picture taken of me ever 😛 I always have a stupid pout of a big toothy smile, which is wonderful now that my teeth are amazing but not so wonderful back then when my teeth were mental!


The Before and After. Surprisingly, the Before had a boyfriend but the After had no such luck.

 Naturally, I learned how to rock the braces, which is a good thing considering I did have to suffer with them for all of my teens. If I hadn’t learned how to take a good selfie, I would have been screwed. When I went to Edinburgh in January, it was my braces’ last holiday which makes me a lot sadder than it should. I’m just thankful I took a ridiculous amount of selfies.


Me, Sinéad and my braces in Greyfriars Kirkyard

All in all, I think I’m looking great without them and I couldn’t be happier to be rid of them! I am happy with all the work my braces did, but I honestly never want to see them again! So hear you can have tons of braces free teeth selfies!

Stay classy,

xo, Cybi

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