Soap and Glory – Review

Okay, so Soap and Glory has been around for donkeys and I’m not denying that I am super late coming to this party. I am, however, surprised with the quality of these products! I think that because of the gorgeous and kitchsy packaging of the stuff, I just assumed it was really cheap quality. Basically, I thought you were buying a pretty bottle.


I was talking to my aunt about this, and she told me that she swears by the bath wash & body lotions, and recommended I try them. I have seriously sensitive skin, so I was really apprehensive. To convince me I was wrong, or to prove she was right, my aunt bought me a travel-size Soap and Glory “Clean On Me” body wash to bring with me to Edinburgh, and I did.

When I first used it, I was terrified that it would make my skin feel like I was on fire, or that I would break out in an awful rash. Honestly, I was genuinely shocked when I didn’t. The smell was amazing and, I’m so used to boring, I scented shower gel that it made me feel so clean! You need very little to work it up into a good lather with a loofah, and it was so creamy that my skin felt exfoliated and moisturized, even though I had just scrubbed it!

The travel-sized bottle it so handy, and it lasts forever. It was great to bring on holidays, but I would absolutely buy the big bottle to keep at home too. This exceeded my expectations for the body products by far, and I was very impressed with the quality.


After using the body wash, I decided to try out the Soap & Glory make-up range. I knew they had brought one out after the success of the bath and body line, but again, I was scared that the products would once again be totally gimmicky. I was once again wrong. They have a huge range of products, from lipsticks, to eye shadows, to face powders. Now, I’ve been using the same foundation and powder for 6 years, so I wasn’t about to go changing them. As far as eye shadows go, I am absolutely an Urban Decay palette girl – single pot shadows have never really flown a flag for me, so they were out. I’m not picky about my eyeliner, mascara or eyebrow pencils, so I decided to see how the Soap and Glory products held up.


I bought the Archery Brow Tint and Precision Pencil and the Supercat Fat Eyeliner Pen for myself, as a treat on my latest shopping spree (keep an eye out for my shopping haul blog post!)

The packaging was gorgeous, for starters, and I especially loved the sleek, shiny black pens. They are both very similar, and I loved the uniform look of that. The eyeliner pen was duel ended, and it was shockingly easy to achieve the perfect eyebrows. First, you fill out the colour, mine was ‘Brownie Points’, with the marker pen end. Secondly, you shape your brows with the crayon end, smoothing out the colour and giving extra texture. It was super easy, painless and the best brow pencil I’ve ever used. Hands down. Super impressed.

I decided to buy eyeliner and not mascara purely because mine had just run out. I have been using Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner for about a year, and I was really impressed with it’s staying power, but found it very tricky to use at the best of times, so I decided it was time for a change. This eyeliner, which I bought in ‘Pitch Black Perfect’, was so easy to apply I did both my eyes perfectly in the space of time it would have taken to maybe do one eye with my old eyeliner. It was very easy to neaten up, and the marker tip made application a dream.

The colour was dark, but I was quite apprehensive about it’s staying power. It holds better over eye shadow than without, but I the colour was noticeably weaker by the time I was taking it off. I still didn’t feel the need to touch it up, though. I’m very happy with the ease of application of this eyeliner, but I would recommend dabbing matte black shadow over it with an angled brush while it’s still wet, for a darker, longer liner.

Stay classy,

xo, Cybi

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