Edinburgh 2016: Day Three

After packing/shoving all our crap back into our bags, Sinéad and I checked out and headed to a café for a healthy, balanced breakfast coffee and cake. We also had to do our make-up there, like hobo’s. After breakfast, we headed to Edinburgh’s Dungeon, which was just up the road a little from Prince’s Street Gardens, where we had been the day before.

I was super excited to see the Burke and Hare show, but I was really disappointed when there were no actors. but a voice over. Despite that, it was really good which the lights and special effects and things that poke you and stuff.

Burke and Hare were Irish grave robbers turned murderers who sold cadavers to the Anatomical  university in Edinburgh when the supply ran dry. They sold their first body for £7.10, which equates to £731 today, and decided to keep killing, to keep the money coming in. After killing 16 people, their final murder, of Margery Campbell, led to their discovery, and Burke hanged for their crimes. His skeleton is hanging today in the Anatomical Museum of the University of Edinburgh, but I didn’t get to see it because it’s open one day a month.

I was terrified during the boat ride to the caves of Galloway because it was pitch black out, and they had rages tied to the ceiling, which kept touching my hair and face. Then we went in to a cannibal’s den, and the show of Sawney Bean was insanely interesting. I had no idea there even were cannibals in Scotland until then, that one was probably my favourite part. There was also a bit about the Plague which was brilliant, where they burnt the city, but I think we mostly enjoyed that because the guy was really cute.

After the Dungeon, we went shopping for a while and then to Starbucks, where we got the nicest Caramel Machiattos I’ve ever had! After coffee time, we decided to walk down to the Palace again, to have a better look around and avoid breaking any laws this time! It was nice to see it in the daylight, and it definitely looks to me like somewhere I could be quite comfortable living…

We had a look around the whisky shops, because that’s what you do in Scotland, and there were loads of really cool bottled ones, and loads of really expensive ones. They also had really cool distills of Bruichladdich, like this one ‘The Classic Ladiie’, and also there was this £5,000 bottle of Glenfiddich… I would say that would get you fairly toasted…

Before we went home, we saw Scott’s Monument, which is the biggest monument in tribute to an author in the world. It’s between Princes Street Gardens and the National Gallery. Here’s a photo I took on our way to get the airport bus, which is the view of Scott’s Monument and Jenners from the Mound.

Also, all the while we were there, the Iosagáin tartan seemed to be following us…

We landed just before 10, and I was asleep by 11. All in all, they were 3 of the best days ever, and on a whole, the entire trip only cost me about £300. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go on a tour of the Vaults, see the National Museum of Scotland or see Burke’s skeleton, but I’ll definitely be back for those!

xo, Cybi

P.S. Have a read of Edinburgh 2016: Day One and Day Two!
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