Edinburgh 2016: Packing and other stuff

I was meant to visit Edinburgh earlier in the year, after the exams, but my plans fell through due to the fact that bitches be crazy, I am now finally getting around to getting my ass there!


Okay, so what’s the most important thing about any outfit? Defeating chub rub. When you’re going on holiday, you need 10 stars beside this because the last thing you need is burning thighs when you’re on an adventure. That’s basically the only thing the bottom half of your outfit needs to accomplish. That, and looking awesome.

How am I going to accomplish that? Tights. Super high denier, and black obviously. Paired with a long hippy skirt, a crop top and some Doc Martens, I’ll be insanely warm in snowy Edinburgh. There’s no point to looking amazing if you’re shivering your balls off. Because absolutely no one looks cute when they’re shivering.

So, I’m bringing my leather jacket, the 6-foot long scarf I knitted for myself, 2 pairs of gloves (in case I lose one), a ton of black cardigans, some tops and a skirt and jeans. Also, leggings for hiking up to Arthur’s Seat (which I have planned for day three.)

One pair of shoes is needed – my trusty Doc’s. They look great for going out, and they’re perfect for hiking, walking all day and dancing. Investment of a lifetime. (I’ve had these for 4 years.)

Speaking of my (super awesome) plan, anyone who knows me knows that I have a serious mental problems that mean that I plan everything. I even got a leather Filofax for my birthday (maybe I mentioned that already on my Christmas wishlist). I literally planned out every single thing we could possibly do while we’re in Edinburgh. Boom.


With me and Sinead, you never can be too careful with money. Most of it tends to be spent on coffee/beer depending on the time of day. On holiday, the switch can happen anytime between 3pm and 5pm. After 5, we’re drinking. With a budget of €80 for accommodation and flight, we’re doing good so far because we got flights for €12.99 each way, £35 pounds for two nights in the hostel.

The student bars I found all sell pints for £3/£4 each and it was so important to find cheap places to eat in the city. Cheap food and only eating when absolutely necessary beans that we’re saving up both our calories and money for alcohols. That, my friends, is called having priorities.

Back to my packing.


  1. Sunglasses. The easiest way to protect make-up in every weather.
  2. Lip balm – cold and chapped lips will literally ruin your life.
  3. A hat, scarf and gloves. Stay warm, who cares about how cute you looked when you’re in bed with frostbite. Cover up.
  4. Hiking socks. Warm feet means one less thing to moan about.
  5. Mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils. As far as face make-up goes, I barely wear it at home, let alone on holiday.

Redface because of the cold is the absolute worst but in rainy or snowy weather, your make up will be gone in two minutes. Also, you won’t be blinded by rain/snow!

Go-to lip colour: red. Lip stain for during the day and a matte lipstick for night time is the only way to instant perfection.



  1. mini shampoo, conditioner, shower gel. You might think it’s easier to buy them there, it’s not. I steal loads from hotels to save up, and bring on holiday. They’re perfect for carry-on luggage.
  2. Hand sanitizer. Germs = ew, foreign germs = even worse.
  3. Toothbrush & toothpaste. You might laugh, but you would be surprised how many times I’ve forgotten them.
  4. Deoderant. No quicker way to freshen up.

The difference between essentials and necessities, you ask? If your forget something off the necessities list, you will have to go buy it. If you forget something off the essentials list, you’ll survive without it, but it would be better with it. That’s all.


As far as luggage goes, I’m bringing the fabulous grey leather handbag I  got from my aunt and uncle for Christmas and my grandmothers green Gloria Vanderbilt carpet bag. Funny story about that bag: my mother brought it with her to the hospital when she was in labour with me! Now, it’s coming with me on my first solo holiday. It’s awesome, and somehow it’s simultaneously the ugliest and the most amazing thing in the world. It was my nappy bag until I was 2, how could I not love it?!


For 3 days, bringing anything more than this would be ridiculous and superfluous. If everything you’re bringing doesn’t fit in, just start culling your clothes/shoes. For all trip lengths, I found this super helpful infographic the helps you figure out what size luggage to bring.4d77f21cdb2f2544fbbcf92b81b54272

Keep an eye out for my post about Edinburgh when I get back!

stay classy,

xo, Cybi

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