Beach Bum OOTD

Instead of going on a high-stress piss up to some riddled resort in Spain, we decided that for our Sixth Year Holiday we would relax ourselves into a coma rather than drink ourselves into one. So we came to Kerry.

On our first day of our Sixth Year Holiday me and Sinead migrated to the beach that is about 50 steps from our front door. It’s gorgeous and empty which helps because avoiding people was the aim of this holiday! 

Bunawonder Beach

(Another big plus of this beach is it’s the only place I can get 3G signal on my phone so I happily stayed there until my battery died.)

Anyway, while bumming it out with Sinead I refused to wear swimming rigs because it’s not exactly Malibu and also, my skin is see-through. On that basis I wore a halter and high-waisted shorts and boots. Also, free boob because I was on holidays and why not?


Halter//Urban Outfitters


Shorts//Sineads, my bad

Cardigan//Irish Mills


Dog//That’s Ellie ❤ 

Stay tuned for another post tomorrow boys and girls! And mom, if you’re reading this, I’m fine, I’m alive and I’ll call you later! 

xo, Cybi

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