Top 10 Places I’ve Visited (So Far..)

10. San Francisco, California

I visited San Francisco when I road-tripped Route 66 three years ago. It was amazing, I spent almost all my time in the Bay Area, Pier 39! I remember that to this day! Had burgers in the cutest surfer place and even found another Irish person! 10/10. I’ve always planned to return.`This is me and Sinéad, who I went with, generally being eejits! While we were there, we also did a ferry tour around Alcatraz, which was insanely amazing! It was my second ferry tour of an Island-Prison, and my favourite.

9. Stellenbosch, South Africa

Stellenbosch is in South Africa’s Winelands, just outside of Cape Town, and I went for 3 days with my mam and godmother almost seven years ago. We stayed in a winery called Spire, did wine-tastings and even went to a tree-house restaurant! It was an incredible experience, and an absolutely beautiful accommodation.

Spier Hotel Terrace Spier Hotel

8. Stuttgart, Germany

When I did the student exchange this summer with my school, we went to Stuttgart in Germany, and it wasn’t the best or nicest city I’ve ever visited, but I think I loved it so much cos I was surrounded by German ❤ I had a class time on the exchange, however, and will definitely be going back to Germany at some stage (probably Munich next!)


7. Tunis, Tunisia

I visited Tunisia with my mam, aunties, grandparents and cousin for a week almost ten years ago, and we had an all-inclusive package so basically everything we did and ate was paid for already so all we needed was spending money! Maybe thats why I loved it so much….. Oh well. We still all talk about it, and agree that it was one of the best holidays ever

This was our hotel:

6. Cape Town, South Africa

I was in Cape Town for a week, before going to Stellenbosch (see no. 9), and I went again with my mam and godmother. We stayed in The Radisson and went into the city every day. We climbed Table Moutain, saw the South African rugby team training and I saw Robben Island, the Island-Prison where Nelson Mandela and imprisoned, and I saw his cell, it was life-changing! We did a ferry tour around the Island, it was brilliant! I also had the most amazing Bubblegum Milkshake in a tiny crépiere in the town square (just thought I’d add that for memories sake!).

The hotels poo went directly into the sea:

5. Paris, France

I’ve been to Paris twice and I still have barely scratched the surface of the lid of the place! One of my really good friends lives there so me and Heather will probably go visit her in the summer (€20 flights with Ryanair, hello!) The two times I was there we went to Disneyland. which was perfection 😀 But now, I’d prefer to go shopping on the Champs-Ellyseés ❤

4. Prague, Czech Republic

I visited Prague with my nanny, my mam and my godmother a few years ago. I got the trip as a Christmas present and we went in early January. It was snowey and delightful there, dark until 9am, dark again at 5pm kind of weather, my favourite. That could be why the place stuck in my mind so much, or maybe it’s that I drank a recorded 17 hot chocolates in 2 days there- diabeetus hello 😛 While we were there, we went to various art museums and also saw the Child of Prague, which was amazing! Here’s some information about the history of the Child of Prague [x]

3. Chicago, Illinois

When I did Route 66 a few years ago, as I mentioned earlier, we flew into Chicago and spent three days there. We stayed in the Intercontinental on North Michigan Avenue (no. 505 for any fellow Arctic Monkeys fans) and I instantly fell in love with the city. We did a river boat tour up the Chicago River and saw a load of amazing things. It was all of our first times in America so I think we all kind of bonded over that 🙂 We went to the top floor of the Tallest Building in North America, Sears Tower, and Sinéad nearly shat herself going out onto the clear perspex balcony and seeing all the way down!

Here’s some of the stuff we saw:

2. Rome, Italy

For our fourth year school trip, a massive gang of my year went to Rome for 4 days, which was an absolutely incredible experience. We stayed in Hotel Noto which was a bit of a kip, but we managed just fine being a group of about 70 out-of-control schoolgirls. On that trip, we saw just about every main thing there is to see in Rome, from the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, to the Colosseum, the Ruins of the Forum and the Pantheon. We also went on a day trip to Pompeii, and climbed Vesuvius and saw the entire city of Pompeii. It was undoubtedly the most amazing trip ever – we packed two weeks worth of activity into 4 days! Also, the absolute state of the big blondie head on me!

1. London, England

Oh London… what can I say about London. Ever since I first stepped foot in the place, I’ve been head over heels in love. I’ve had good, bad, amazing, any sort of days there and my love has never waned. No matter how bad an experience there is, I still love the place. I’ve been there four times and counting, and counting I shall do! One of my lifelong dreams is to love and work there, for any amount of time, it could be a month for all I care!

My favourite places are The City, Camden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly, and I’ve stayed in Piccadilly, Kensington, The City (literally across the road from the Tower of London) and in Central London near the West End. I’ve seen Wicked in the Apollo Victoria Theatre and Loserville in the Garrick Theatre. I’ve cried, laughed, ran, sung, puked, and celebrated two birthdays there. London has had an undoubtedly large influence on my life, my style, and my personality, and also I now consume copious amounts of Starbucks because me and my mam turn into proper little latte fiends when we’re there drinking about 10 each a day!

Last but not least, my favourite thing in the whole wide world about London:

I don’t 100% know why, but I have this weird obsession with Tower Bridge (NB This is NOT London Bridge.) Every time I got to London, I make a point to visit Tower Bridge and walk past Traitors Gate. Don’t know why, it’s just a little autism I have 😛 

Hope you enjoyed! It was such a trip down memory lane for me to write this!

xo, Cybi

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